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Stephanie O’Sullivan | Oct. 15, 2018

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Innovation & Diversity: How America Can Compete in Cyber

On October 15th, AGS hosted Stephanie O’Sullivan, the former second-in-command at the Office of the Director of National Intelligence. She spoke with Dr. Peter Feaver about how America can compete in cyber through innovation and diversity.

Read more about this event in an article by the Duke Chronicle. 

Stephanie O’Sullivan served as the Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence (PDDNI) from 2011 to 2017 after her 2011 nomination by President Barack Obama. In this role, she was instrumental in establishing the government’s first Cyber Threat Intelligence Integration Center (CTIIC), essentially the cyber version of the National Counterterrorism Center. Prior to serving as PDDNI, Ms. O’Sullivan was the Associate Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), a position which she took after leading the CIA’s Directorate of Science and Technology for 4 years. Prior to the CIA, Ms. O’Sullivan worked in the Office of Naval Intelligence and at TRW, which is now part of Northrup Grumman.