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Eric Lorber | September 16, 2019


More event photos can be found on the AGS Facebook page.

Event summary by Emma Dries:

Duke and American Grand Strategy alum, Eric Lorber, came to speak with Professor Feaver on the effectiveness of sanctions, anti-money laundering compliance, and the fight against the funding of terrorism. Eric Lorber is director at the Financial Integrity Network and the senior director of the Center of Economic and Financial Power at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.   

Lorber began the conversation discussing his experience as a Graduate Fellow for the American Grand Strategy Program.  At the time, the program had just been established, and Lorber had a large part in building the rigor, diversity, and reputation AGS has today. Lorber then delved into his own work and discussed the magnitude of the United States’ sanctions, and their effectiveness in combating terrorism.  He also spoke on the effectiveness of these sanctions as a result of the stability and value of the United States dollar. The United States market is so far-reaching that sanctions can be debilitating, and this power is an incentive for other nation-states to comply with trade and policy agreements.  The talk concluded with questions from students on the misuse of sanctions, and their future validity if this power tactic is overused.