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Program in American Grand Strategy

AGS is a signature initiative dedicated to better understanding US foreign policy and national security.

Our mission is to prepare the next generation of national security strategists by studying past generations and interacting with current leaders.

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AGS features flagship courses that tackle pivotal issues in US national security in historical and contemporary perspective.


Speaker Series

AGS brings distinguished scholars and practitioners to Duke to share their expertise and perspective.


Active Learning

AGS creates unique opportunities for students to learn outside of the classroom where policy is made.



AGS supports scholarship that advances our understanding of the US role in the world, past, present, and future.

What is American Grand Strategy?

Grand strategy blends the disciplines of history (what happened and why?), political science (what underlying patterns and causal mechanisms are at work?), public policy (how well did it work and how could it be done better?), and economics (how are national resources produced and protected?). Students are especially drawn to grand strategy because it makes history more relevant, political science more concrete, public policy more broadly contextualized, and economics more security-oriented.

- Dr. Peter D. Feaver, Founding Director
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