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Overlooked Cyber Vulnerability: Energy and the Environment

By Yuval Medina. January 14, 2019. “The word ‘blackout’ to refer to a power outage is something of a misnomer,” writes Gretchen Bakke in her book, The Grid. When our databases, communication systems, hospitals, and even our phones and cars—and our entire way of life—are all plugged into the grid that sustains us, losing our […]

Government Shutdown Hurts Federal Cybersecurity

by James Arnold. January 10, 2019. The most recent government shutdown is approaching the record for the longest shutdown in United States history, but what does that mean for American cybersecurity? To put it simply, nothing good. In the process of allegedly attempting to strengthen security on our southern border, the shutdown has severely inhibited […]

Twitter Flaw Raises Questions on Ethical Hacking, SMS Security

By Tyler Jang. January 8, 2019. On December 27, the cybersecurity firm Insinia hijacked the Twitter accounts of several British journalists and tweeted, “This account has been temporarily hijacked by Insinia Security.” Included in the tweet was a link to a Medium blog post detailing the means of the attack. Insinia hackers exploited Twitter’s SMS […]

Halloween, Midterms, and Cybersecurity Awareness

By Mary Wang. December 3, 2018. October may just be my favorite month. It reminds me of falling leaves, candy, Halloween, horror movies, midterms, and, after this year, cybersecurity. Established by the Department of Homeland Security and National Cybersecurity Alliance in 2004, October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month. On October 9, I volunteered for an […]