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Daniel Strunk | November 17, 2022

American Grand Strategy and Duke University alumni Daniel Strunk joined Peter Feaver and students in a discussion about Strunk’s time on the television show “Survivor”  and to speak about life after AGS. The Duke alumni has been a lifelong fan of the show so being on the 42nd season of the show was a memorable experience. Apart from the show Strunk spoke about his journey after Duke and going to get his JD and is currently a Law Clerk.

Strunk made sure to tell his story beyond “Survivor” and how he took his time after graduation and traveled the world and became more versed in global cultures. Taking that experience from travelling then joining the 2016 Presidential Jed Bush campaign.  The campaign taught Strunk many lessons one in particularly was the valuable lesson in allowing for yourself to not forget the goal in mind even if your current opportunity isn’t what you originally planned. Strunk has been resilient since a child and showed this in his time on the show and his time after Duke University.