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Staff Rides & Field Trips

AGS takes learning beyond the classroom through domestic and international battlefield staff rides and national security related field trips.
Scroll down to watch a video and read about our March 8-17, 2019 Operation TORCH Morocco trip!

What is a Staff Ride? 

“The staff ride was created in the wake of the Napoleonic Wars by Prussians, the perfectors of European military strategy. They would walk battlefields of previous wars, observe the terrain and have officers research and take the roles of various commanders and political leaders on all sides. An officer would present their character’s personal history, plans for the conflict and actions during it. The other participants then adopt their characters’ roles and counter or question the presenter’s arguments in order to point out disagreements, mistakes or good strategies. Staff rides are invaluable because they help the participants understand not just who fought where and when, but what was planned, what ended up occurring, why those events occurred, and how they fit into the broader geopolitical context.”
– AGS Alumnus Adam Lemon ’17  

Scroll down to watch the 2019 Gibraltar & Morocco Staff Ride video

On the deck of the USS Missouri. Pearl Harbor Staff Ride, March 6-13, 2022. On the deck of the USS Missouri. Pearl Harbor Staff Ride, March 6-13, 2022. Staff Rides picture

AGS Staff Rides and Applications

Each year, AGS holds one domestic and one international staff ride in which students, alumni, faculty and staff are welcome to participate. Recent staff rides have included trips to Morocco, Belgium, France, Vienam, Grenada, England, Fredericksburg, VA and Gettysburg, PA.

Applications are required due to the high volume of interest and the amount of thorough preparation expected of each participant. International staff ride applications open in August for the following spring. Watch our website or subscribe to the AGS weekly e-newsletter for both foreign and domestic staff ride application announcements.

2019 Staff Ride: World War II Operation TORCH in Gibraltar and Morocco

Over spring break 2019, 40 Duke students, faculty, alumni and guests spent 8 days traveling throughout Gibraltar and Morocco tracing the steps of Operation Torch, part of the US North Africa Campaign during World War II.  Cities visited included: Gibraltar, Tangier, Fes, Rabat, Casablanca and Marrakech. Students were challenged to role play military and war-period characters alongside faculty and military experts to learn the stakes of war. Led by Professor Peter Feaver, students debated strategy from the perspective of embroiled contemporaries of war to learn the true costs and sacrifices of leadership.

Click here to view the photo archive documenting this incredible trip.

Staff Ride Video Archive:

WWI Capture

Belgium & France WWI Endgame, 2018

Vietnam adn the Tet Offensive, 2017

Vietnam and the Tet Offensive, 2017

Grenada, 2016

Grenada, 2016 (photo only)

Normandy, 2015

Normandy, 2015 (photo only)

AGS Field Trips

Beyond staff rides, AGS takes learning outside the classroom through national security related field trips. Capitalizing on Duke’s strategic location and AGS’s partnership with the Counterterrorism and Public Policy Fellowship program, recent trips have included Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in Goldsboro, NC and the Navy SEAL base in Little Creek, VA.

From closed door Q&As and riding white caps in CRRCs with SEAL Team 10, to target practice and parachute simulations with officers at Bragg, AGS field trips provide civilian students with unparalleled opportunities to experience and develop a deeper understanding of the U.S. national security arena.

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