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Eric Farnsworth | January 19, 2023


Vice President of the Council of the Americas, Eric Farnsworth joined Ambassador Patrick Duddy in a discussion about the state of affairs in Latin America, focusing on current events in the region. Farnsworth named democracy as one of the most urgent matters requiring the attention of Washington, reflecting upon the contrast in sentiments held about democracy in recent years. Farnsworth offered related insight into the crisis in Brazil as well as the recent Peruvian demonstrations and their potential repercussions for the economy. Farnsworth also touched on the connection between the issue of democracy and migration in the region in regards to collaboration between Mexico and the United States. Further, Farnsworth discussed the entrepreneurial spirit of the Latin American people while highlighting the high potential of the region and the benefits of immigration.

When asked about energy and water security in Latin America, Farnsworth cited the region’s status of possessing the world cleanest energy matrix in the region, owing to hydro. Elaborating on climate policy in the region, the Vice President of the Council of the Americas explained that many of the countries in the region have experienced a positive shift in their environmental consciousness. In response to a question of concerns about Chinese involvement in Latin America, Farnsworth noted the increased Chinese engagement with the region and emphasized the political influences associated with trade.