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Alumni Spotlight

Catch a glimpse of some incredible AGS graduates in our alumni spotlight.
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Ted Leonhardt

Ted Leonhardt, BA '15, JD '20

This past December, Ted had an article published in American Purpose on reconciling free markets with marshalling American resources for the strategic competition with China.

Read Ted's article here.

John Hillen

John Hillen '88

On Oct. 7, 2020, Dr. Hillen gave a talk at at Hampden-Sydney College’s Wilson Center for Leadership in the Public Interest entitled America's Role in the World and the 2020 Election.

Read a synopsis of Dr. Hillen's talk here.

Jaron Wharton

Jaron Wharton '17 & '19

"AGS not only challenges students to think critically in a fun, rewarding environment, but they often find a niche that leads to employment in the public sector in the near term."

Read Jaron's interview here.

Christy Lawrence

Christie Lawrence '16

"It’s important to keep up with people from Duke. Don’t feel scared to reach out to people you barely knew. I’ve talked to people who reached out because they were interested in consulting and I encourage everyone to reach out. More often than not, people want to help you."

Read Christie's interview here.

Brian Hopkins

Brian Hopkins '16

"Whether getting together with fellow AGS alums at a happy hour or calling on senior alums that I met on staff rides for career advice, the AGS network has been the primary group from which I draw professional connections and relationships in DC."

Read Brian's interview here.

Chelsea Goldstein

Chelsea Goldstein'10

"I deeply admire Dr. Feaver. His name commands a lot of respect in the defense world. Just this year, my boss, a deputy assistant secretary, mentioned he’d recently been in a great briefing from Dr. Feaver."

Read Chelsea's interview here.

Gautam Hathi

Gautam Hathi '17

"Don't be afraid to ask questions to people whose titles and accomplishments are impressive or even a little bit intimidating. This is true both in class and at events with the big names that AGS brings to Duke."

Read Gautam's interview here.

Dana Raphael

Dana Raphael '17

"I wish I had gotten involved earlier with AGS - I attended many of the events starting as a sophomore, but I wish I had started earlier as a first year. AGS gave me both a social and an academic community that has lasted well beyond college. My biggest advice to students would be to get involved early, get to know other people involved in AGS, and bring your friends to events."

Read Dana's interview here.

Emma Campbell-Mohn

Emma Campbell-Mohn '16

"A highlight of postgrad life has been keeping in close contact with friends from the AGS Program, including meets-up in Beijing, New York, and DC. In fact, two other AGS alumni (Tara Mooney and Emily Hadley) and I run a charity called "Seeing Higher," which helps rural high school students in North Carolina to visit college campuses."

Read Emma's interview here.

Aly Breuer

Aly Breuer '15

"AGS did a lot of things for me. The number one thing, however, which permeates everything I do is it built my confidence, not just in my knowledge base but also in my ability to communicate and influence other people. This professional development has made me more mature and helped me understand how to deal with people who are many levels above me, with far greater experience. This has helped me in my current role. I now work with people with backgrounds in national security and [my AGS experience] has helped me understand them more than the average 25-year-old."

Read Aly's interview here.

Amy Kramer

Amy Kramer '18

"Knowing how to make small talk during cocktail hours and give an elevator pitch of your research when introducing yourself at dinners is all important... But if you don’t email those guest speakers who inspire you to thank them immediately after the event, they will not remember you. Adopting a commitment to following up is probably the most important lesson that I’ve learned through AGS and essential to being a good leader."

Read Amy's interview here.