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Field Trip photo
Normandy, 2015
Hawaii Staff Ride group photo

AGS provides Duke students with opportunities to deepen their knowledge in the classroom and to learn outside the classroom through staff rides, field trips, simulations, and other hands-on experiences.

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AGS Courses

AGS features flagship courses that tackle pivotal issues in US national security in historical and comparative perspective.

Pearl Harbor staff ride

Staff Rides & Field Trips

AGS creates unique opportunities for students to learn outside of the classroom where policy is made.

Internships & Opportunities

AGS helps to connect students with internships and other professional opportunities in foreign policy and national security. Subscribe to our email list to receive regular updates.

Summer Fellowships

AGS provides support to students to defray the costs of pursuing summer internships and learning opportunities.

Ways to Get Involved

Join AGS Council

AGS Council is a group of undergraduate students who support the Program and its mission by helping to advise the leadership about programming, assist in event execution, and coordinate mentorship opportunities, activities, and other events to support students.

Applications are closed at this time.

Be Part of AGS General Body

The General Body is open to all students who wish to be involved with the AGS’s vibrant community, regardless of whether they plan to apply to the Student Council in the spring. Members of the General Body regularly attend AGS events and activities and will be among the first to receive updates about opportunities like domestic and international staff rides, field trips to national security installations, and small group dinners featuring distinguished speakers.

Interested students should fill out the application form here.

Questions? Reach out to AGS Co-Chair Grant Wernick at