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AGS Faculty & Student Publications

6/6/2022Simon MilesRonald Reagan offers a blueprint for dealing with Russia after UkraineThe Washington Post
4/11/2022Simon MilesJustin Trudeau should stand with Ukrainians by flying to UkraineThe Globe and Mail
4/11/2022Susan ColbournRoundtable review of Barack Obama, A Promised LandH-Diplo
3/27/2022Justin Sherman '20Delaware must regulate the shady data broker industryDelaware Online
3/26/2022John HillenHow Russia’s War on Ukraine Will Change the WorldNational Review
3/16/2022Erika WeinthalThe Environmental and Health Dimensions of the Ukraine WarUniversity of California Press
3/16/2022Simon MilesThe Problems of Perestroika: The KGB and Mikhail Gorbachev's ReformsSlavic Review
3/15/2022Patrick DuddyHow to Have a Successful Summit of the AmericasThe National Interest
3/4/2022David HoffmanProtecting Democracy (and us!) from Big TechLawfire
3/1/2022David FrenchRussia’s Initial Failures Don’t Mean Ukraine Will SurviveThe Atlantic
2/28/2022MG (Ret.) Charles DunlapLee Reiners on “Russian Sanctions will Compel Further Adoption of Cryptocurrency and Increase Compliance Risks for Cryptocurrency Companies”Lawfire
2/28/2022Erika WeinthalWhat is climate security? Framing risks around water, food, and migration in the Middle East and North AfricaWiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Water
2/27/2022David FrenchWhen the Man Meets the Moment: Why Zelensky matters, in Ukraine and the world.The Dispatch
2/27/2022MG (Ret.) Charles DunlapThe Ukraine crisis and the international law of armed conflict (LOAC): some Q & ALawfire
2/27/2022Rachel MyrickThe reputational consequences of polarization for American foreign policy: evidence from the US-UK bilateral relationshipInternational Politics
2/24/2022MG (Ret.) Charles DunlapUkraine, economic “war,” and the cyber conflict that could followLawfire
2/18/2022Bruce JentlesonBiden hopes sanctions will deter Putin. It may not be so easy.The Washington Post
2/9/2022Susan ColbournPutin's Aggression Toward Ukraine
May Boost NATO
The Washington Post
2/4/2022Erika WeinthalIntroduction in Global Environmental Politics 22Global Environmental Politics
2/3/2022Justin Sherman '20The Open Data Market and Risks to National SecurityLawfare
2/3/2022Robert Carlson '20Xiomara Castro: An Unlikely U.S. PartnerGlobal Americans
2/2/2022Elliot Mamet, PhD '22Dispatches from the Nuremberg Trials: The Robert P. Stewart PapersDuke University Libraries
1/31/2022Erin Moffitt, MPP '19Reassessing Women's Role in Peace and Security in the Middle EastMiddle East Institute
1/27/2022Robert Carlson '20LGBTQ Rights in Latin America and the Caribbean: No Longer a Left-Right IssueGlobal Americans
1/25/2022Bruce JentlesonBiden is ready to deploy sanctions against Russia, but will the bite live up to the bark?Washington Post
1/14/2022Patrick DuddyWhat Will Curtailed Power Mean for Venezuela’s Guaidó?Latin America Advisor
1/6/2022David SiegelINS special forum on David Sherman’s ‘An Intelligence Classic That Almost Never Was – Roberta Wohlstetter’s Pearl Harbor: Warning and DecisionIntelligence and National Security
1/1/2022Peter FeaverThe Fulcrum of Fragility: Command and Control in Regional Nuclear PowersCornell University Press
1/1/2022Rachel MyrickCountering Partisanship and Threat Inflation in U.S.-China PolicyAspen Strategy Group
1/1/2022Kyle BeardsleyTipping Points: Challenges in Analyzing
International Crisis Escalation
International Studies Review
12/9/2021Rachel MyrickTowards a unified approach to research on democratic backslidingDemocratization
12/7/21Peter FeaverThe Future of Democracy: National Security Begins at HomeDemocracy
12/5/21Bruce JentlesonBiden’s Democracy Summit Was Never a Good Idea. But Here’s How To Make It Work.Politico
12/2/2021Patrick DuddyWhat Protests Tell Us About Democracy in Latin
The Cipher Brief
12/1/2021Patrick DuddyWhy Biden Should Focus on Rebuilding Relationships Across North and South AmericaThe National Interest
12/1/2021Peter FeaverThe Myth of ‘War Weary’ AmericansThe Wall Street Journal
12/1/2021Erika WeinthalHealth and Environmental Tolls of Protracted Conflicts in the Middle East and North AfricaCurrent History
11/30/2021Tate Nurkin '94The Five Revolutions: Examining defense innovation in the Indo-Pacific regionAtlantic Council
11/25/2021Susan ColbournAccess to information is a shambles. Without a free flow of government documents, assessing how past policy prescriptions fared is impossible.Policy Options Politique
11/20/2021Abdullah AntepliThis Thanksgiving season, here are 3 steps for overcoming partisan dividesThe Fayetteville Observer
11/16/2021Peter FeaverPreface in "Reconsidering American Civil-Military Relations: The Military, Society, Politics, and Modern War"Oxford University Press
11/5/2021MG (Ret.) Charles DunlapThe Law of Armed—and Unmanned—ConflictModern War Institute: Commentary & Analysis
11/3/2021Patrick DuddyCan America Live with a Failed Haitian State Next Door?The National Interest
11/1/2021Rachel MyrickMaking Sense of Human Rights Diplomacy: Evidence from a US Campaign to Free Political PrisonersInternational Organization
10/27/2021Peter FeaverThe Consequential Chairman:
How Colin Powell Changed Civil-Military Relations
Foreign Affairs
10/12/2021Simon MilesKGB archives show how Chrystia Freeland drew the ire (and respect) of Soviet intelligence servicesThe Globe and Mail
10/1/2021Livia SchubigerState Violence and Wartime Civilian Agency: Evidence from PeruThe Journal of Politics
9/22/2021Patrick DuddyU.S. Engagement in the Western Hemisphere Needs Attention
The Cipher Brief
9/16/2021Susan Colbourn“Accountants, Cartographers, and Systems Analysts, Oh My!,” roundtable review of
Paul Chamberlin, The Cold War’s Killing Fields: Rethinking the Long Peace; Lorenz
Lüthi, Cold Wars: Asia, the Middle East, Europe; Kristina Spohr, Post Wall, Post
Square: Rebuilding the World After 1989
9/10/2021John Hillen '88The End of an Era or the Middle of the Long War?
National Review
9/8/2021Peter FeaverDid 9/11 Change the United States?
Foreign Policy
9/7/2021David SchanzerCan Lawmakers Save Democracy from Big Tech?
Georgetown Journal of International Affairs
9/2/2021David SchanzerThose Who Run Towards DangerDuke Medium
8/24/2021Peter FeaverMasters and Commanders: Are Civil-Military Relations in Crisis?
Foreign Affairs
8/23/2021John Hillen '88Don't take political freedom for granted
Duke Magazine
8/23/2021Justin Sherman '20Data Brokers Are Advertising Data on U.S. Military Personnel
8/17/2021David SchanzerTrump's deal with the Taliban set the stage for the Afghan collapse
The Hill
8/17/2021David SchanzerOur Plan In Afghanistan Was Doomed From the Start
8/13/2021Peter FeaverWhat Not To Worry About in the Policy-Academic Gap Debate: A Contrarian TakeArmed Forces & Society
8/10/2021Alex RolandDelta of Power, The Military-Industrial ComplexJohns Hopkins University Press
8/10/2021Tate Nurkin '94Why is US defense acquisition falling behind? Blame the TINA paradox.
Atlantic Council
8/1/2021Tate Nurkin '94Military Capabilities ReportDeftech Scan
8/1/2021Erika WeinthalIntroduction in Global Environmental Politics 21Global Environmental Politics
7/30/2021Bruce JentlesonBe Wary of China Threat Inflation
Foreign Policy
7/26/2021Spencer Kaplan '21It’s time to seriously consider space-based solar power
7/6/2021Tim NicholsCost imposition in the contact layer: Special operations forces and great-power rivalry
American Enterprise Institute (AEI)
7/1/2021Elliot Mamet, PhD '22Representation on the Periphery: The Past and Future of Nonvoting Members of Congress
The University of Chicago Press Journals
6/28/2021David SchanzerHere’s a Filibuster Reform That Even Senator
Manchin Should Like
Tampa Bay Times
6/26/2021Peter FeaverThe Myth of American MilitarismThe National Interest
6/26/2021David SchanzerIf Senate won't kill the filibuster, at least tweak itNew Canaan Advertiser
6/24/2021Rachel MyrickReflections on Using Annotation for Transparent Inquiry in Mixed-Methods ResearchPS: Political Science & Politics
6/20/2021Peter FeaverCivil-Military Relations in the United States: What Senior Leaders Need to Know (and Usually Don't)Strategic Studies Quarterly
6/14/2021Rachel MyrickAmerica Is Back—but for How Long?
Political Polarization and the End of U.S. Credibility
Foreign Affairs
6/13/2021Livia SchubigerAttitudes toward the Use of Force: Instrumental Imperatives, Moral Principles, and International LawAmerican Journal of Political Science
6/11/2021Matt PeraultTo Fight Online Misinformation, Criminalize Voter SuppressionWired
6/11/2021John Grant, Trinity '00Fighting Insider Abuse After Van BurenLawfare
6/4/2021Rachel MyrickDemocrats and Republicans seem to agree on one foreign
policy point: Getting tough on China
The Washington Post
6/1/2021Isabel Ivanescu '20Syria’s Wretched Foreign LegionNewsline Magazine
5/30/2021John Hillen '88What to Watch or Read to Commemorate Memorial DayNational Review
5/15/2021Peter FeaverFormer military leaders criticized the election and the administration. That hurts the military’s reputation.The Washington Post
5/12/2021Patrick Duddy
Giovanni Zanalda
Specific steps are necessary to develop science and technology expertise in foreign policyA condensed version of this article was published in the form of a letter on Science Magazine.
5/12/2021Peter FeaverThe Military Revolt Against Joe BidenForeign Policy
5/10/2021Marc Losito, MPP '22The Department of Defense's Looming AI Winter
War on the Rocks
5/3/2021Kyle BeardsleyWomen and Peacemaking/PeacekeepingOxford Bibliographies International Relations
5/1/2021Susan Colbourn“Once More, With Feeling: Transatlantic
Relations in the Reagan Years,” in The Reagan Moment: America and the World in the
Cornell University Press
4/30/2021Robert Carlson '20
Isabel Ivanescu '20
China’s Paper Tiger Surveillance State
The Diplomat
4/29/2021David SiegelInclusive
and Non-inclusive Networks
PS: Political Science &
4/22/2021David SchanzerBiden is exorcising the ghost of bin Laden from US foreign policy
The Hill
4/20/2021Rachel MyrickDo External Threats Unite or Divide? Security Crises, Rivalries, and Polarization in American Foreign PolicyInternational Organization
4/16/21Justin Sherman '20We don’t need weak laws governing AI in hiring—we need a banFast Company
4/13/2021Justin Sherman '20Data Brokers Are a Threat to DemocracyWired
4/13/2021Patrick DuddyThe Biden Team Needs to Send A New and Clearer Message on the Border
The National Interest
4/4/2021Marc Losito, MPP '22Great Power Internet Governance: Competing with China for the Soul of the InternetSmall Wars Journal
4/1/2021Tate Nurkin '94What focus areas are key to America’s future space capabilities?Defense News
3/16/2021Robert Carlson '20The Next 'Gamestop': How China or Russia Could Attack Our Financial SystemThe National Interest
3/16/2021Simon MilesThe Mythical War Scare of 1983War on the Rocks
3/9/2021Robert Carlson '20Biden Kicks Off His Democracy Agenda in Central AmericaThe National Interest
3/8/2021David SchanzerThe Government Must Move Quickly To Prevent More Domestic TerrorismMedium
3/1/2021Isabel Ivanescu '20How Biden Can Manage the JCPOA’s Consequences in SyriaNational Interest
2/19/2021Matt PeraultA Sharper, Shrewder U.S. Policy for Chinese Tech FirmsForeign Affairs
2/14/2021Livia SchubigerLegacies of Resistance: Mobilization Against Organized Crime in MexicoComparative Political Studies
2/8/2021Marc Losito, MPP '22The Commander’s AI SmartcardSmall Wars Journal
2/1/2021Patrick DuddyBiden's facing a diplomacy deficit going back decadesCNN
1/28/2021Jennifer SiegelEndgame Britain, Russia and the Final Struggle for Central AsiaBloomsbury Academic
1/20/2021David SchanzerCongress Should Make Domestic Terrorism a Crime
Tampa Bay Times
1/20/2021Peter FeaverAdvice to National Security Republicans as Biden Takes OfficeForeign Policy
1/16/2021Patrick Duddy2021 summit is a chance to reset U.S. relations with Latin America
The Hill
1/13/2021Peter FeaverThe Military Needs to Learn the Right Lessons and Adapt
Military Times
1/11/2021Erika WeinthalThe past and future(s) of environmental peacebuildingInternational Affairs
1/11/2021Erika WeinthalHumanitarian challenges and the targeting of civilian infrastructure in the Yemen warInternational Affairs
1/9/2021Bruce JentlesonThe United States Needs a Democracy Summit at HomeForeign Affairs
1/7/2021David SchanzerThe Terrorist Movement That Attacked the Capitol Will Need To Be Confronted
1/7/2021Peter FeaverThe Military Stayed Out of the Insurrection, But It Isn’t Over Yet
Foreign Policy
1/3/2021Peter FeaverThe Coming Republican Reckoning with Trump’s LegacyForeign Policy
1/3/2021Peter FeaverThe Military Would Put Down Michael Flynn’s Proposed InsurrectionMilitary Times
1/1/2021Peter FeaverBiden Inherits a Challenging Civil-Military LegacyWar on the Rocks
1/1/2021Peter Feaver"Getting Grand Strategy Right" in Oxford Handbook of Grand StrategyOxford University Press
1/1/2021Simon MilesThe Reagan Moment:
America and the World in the 1980s
Cornell University Press
1/1/2021Jennifer SiegelForeign Finance and Russia's War EffortSlavica Publishers
1/1/2021Susan Colbourn"Collecting Teeth for Peace: The Voice of Women, The Baby Tooth Survey, and the Search for Security in the Atomic Age,” in Breaking Barriers, Shaping
Worlds: Canadian Women and the Search for Global Order
University of British Columbia Press
1/1/2021Susan ColbournReview of Serhii Plokhy, Nuclear Folly: A History of the Cuban Missile CrisisThe Russian Review
1/1/2021Kyle BeardsleyClarifying the mediation dilemma: A response to “Sticks and carrots for peace”Research & Politics
12/17/2020Peter FeaverThe United States: Politicians, Partisans, and Military Professionalsin William Thompson, et al. eds. Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Politics, Oxford University Press
12/17/2020Erika WeinthalIs Food Irrigated with Oilfield-Produced Water in the California Central Valley Safe to Eat? A Probabilistic Human Health Risk Assessment Evaluating Trace Metals ExposureRisk Analysis : an Official Publication of the Society for Risk Analysis
12/16/2020Theodore L. Leonhardt,
BA '15, JD '20
The U.S.-China Competition ConundrumAmerican Purpose
12/16/2020Matt PeraultBig Tech and Antitrust: A Path ForwardThe Wall Street Journal
12/14/2020Simon MilesRebuilding, Reaching Out, and Other Lessons From Ronald ReaganWar on the Rocks
12/14/2020Bruce JentlesonA Democracy Summit Is Not What the Doctor OrderedForeign Affairs
12/9/2020Peter FeaverWhy Generals Shouldn’t Be a Lock to Lead the Pentagon — And How Lloyd Austin Can Ease Those ConcernsPolitico
12/1/2020Erika WeinthalDisclosing Influence: Hydraulic fracturing, interest groups, and state policy processes in the United StatesEnergy Research and Social Science
10/28/2020Spencer Kaplan '21
Peter Feaver
How Does it Feel for 2020 to Be Your Generation’s Defining Year?Foreign Policy
10/16/2020Giovanni ZanaldaThe State Department needs more scientistsThe Hill
10/15/2020Simon MilesEngaging the Evil Empire: Washington, Moscow, and the Beginning of the End of the Cold WarIthaca, N.Y.: Cornell University Press
10/13/2020John Hillen '88Dueling Visions: America's Role in the World and the 2020 ElectionForeign Policy Research Institute
10/1/2020Bruce JentlesonAmerican Foreign Policy and the 2020 ElectionCentre of Gravity Series, Australia National University, Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs, Strategic and Defence Studies Center
10/1/2020Peter FeaverReflections from an Erstwhile PolicymakerPublished in Daniel Maliniak, Susan Peterson, Ryan Powers, and Michael Tierney, eds. Bridging the Theory-Practice Divide in International Relations, Georgetown University Press
9/25/2020Bruce JentlesonThe United States Is Not Entitled to Lead the WorldForeign Affairs
9/15/2020Bruce JentlesonRefocusing U.S. Grand Strategy on Pandemic and Environmental Mass DestructionThe Washington Quarterly, 43
9/1/2020Peter FeaverMaybe It Won’t Be So Bad: A Modestly Optimistic Take on COVID and World OrderPublished in Hal Brands and Francis J. Gavin, eds. COVID-19 and World Order: the Future of Conflict, Competition and Cooperation, Johns Hokpkins University Press
9/1/2020Kyle BeardsleyEthnic and gender hierarchies in the crucible of warInternational Studies Quarterly
9/1/2020Erika WeinthalThe impact of using low-saline oilfield produced water for irrigation on water and soil quality in CaliforniaThe Science of the Total Environment
8/28/2020MG (Ret.) Charles Dunlap
Finding the Right U.S. Defense Leaders
Just Security
8/2/2020Tim NicholsSending Special Operations Forces into the Great-Power CompetitionSmall Wars Journal
8/1/2020Simon MilesThe War Scare That Wasn’t: Able Archer 83 and the Myths of the Second Cold WarJournal of Cold War Studies, vol. 22, no. 3, pp. 86–118
7/7/2020David SiegelCults of personality, preference falsification, and the dictator’s dilemmaJournal of Theoretical Politics
7/1/2020Rachel MyrickWhy So Secretive? Unpacking Public Attitudes toward Secrecy and Success in US Foreign PolicyThe Journal of Politics
6/16/2020David HoffmanIncreasing access to care: telehealth during COVID-19.Journal of Law and the Biosciences
5/26/2020Erika WeinthalThe Human Right to Water: Theory, Practice and ProspectsJournal of Human Rights
5/24/2020Kyle BeardsleyOnce and Future Peacemakers: Continuity of Third-Party Involvement in Civil War Peace ProcessesInternational Peacekeeping 28, 2. Pages 285-311.
5/21/2020Rachel MyrickDo Donor Motives Matter? Investigating Perceptions of Foreign Aid in the Conflict in DonbasInternational Studies Quarterly
5/1/2020Rachel MyrickConflict Environments and Civil War OnsetJournal of Global Security Studies
4/5/2020Bruce JentlesonLincoln, FDR and Sizing Up Donald TrumpThe Globalist
4/1/2020Kyle BeardsleyHierarchy and the provision of order in international politicsThe Journal of Politics
4/1/2020MG (Ret.) Charles DunlapAutonomous Systems & International NormsPenn State Journal of Law & International Affairs
4/1/2020Erika WeinthalThe water-energy nexus in the Middle East: Infrastructure, development, and conflictWiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Water
1/31/2020Erika WeinthalWater law and governance in post-conflict settingsReview of European, Comparative and International Environmental Law
1/21/2020Livia SchubigerCivilian Victimization and Ethnic Civil WarJournal of Conflict Resolution
1/1/2020Bruce JentlesonBurying and Unburying History: American Strategy in a Faulknerian WorldWar on the Rocks
9/19/2019Livia SchubigerIntroducing the Ethnic One-Sided Violence datasetConflict Management and Peace Science
3/29/2019Kyle BeardsleyResearch Handbook on Mediating International CrisesEdward Elgar Publishing
1/2020Bruce JentlesonWeaponized Interdependence, The Dynamics of 21st Century Power, and U.S. Grand StrategyAppearing in The Uses and Abuses of Weaponized Interdependence, by Daniel Drezner, Henry Farrell and Abraham Newman, eds. Brookings Institution Press
1/6/2019Kyle BeardsleyPolicing Ethnicity: Lab-in-the-Field Evidence on Discrimination, Cooperation, and Ethnic Balancing in the Liberian National PoliceQuarterly Journal of Political Science