Research and Scholarship

Discover Stratagem, AGS'ers undergraduate journal; learn more about faculty research and explore opportunities through the AGS Summer Fellowship.


Stratagem is Duke’s newly founded undergraduate journal of grand strategy, a publication designed to be a testament to the academic diversity of the field. The journal was spearheaded this year by AGS Council members with the mission of showcasing the work of undergraduates in grand strategy.

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Faculty Research


The Duke Program in American Grand Strategy benefits from the insights and involvement of many faculty in the fields of political science and public policy. Their areas of focus cover everything from diplomatic history and human rights to global governance and non-state actors. 

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Summer Fellows Program

The AGS Summer Fellows Program provides summer stipends to undergraduate students pursuing traditional and non-traditional internship and research opportunities. The program is designed to encourage undergraduate students who have demonstrated leadership and academic achievement to pursue a creative summer work plan related to the mission of the Duke Program in American Grand Strategy.  Fellows are funded with a stipend to support internships and distinctive research experiences.

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