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2020 Summer Fellows Blog

Reiss Becker

Reiss Becker | Independent Writing and Research

Reiss will be creating an ongoing blog, dedicated to analyzing the Coronavirus pandemic’s impact on American national security. He will conduct research, write informative articles and strive to distill clarity from cacophony. In particular, his page will feature analysis on the shifting dynamics within higher education, the defense industrial base, and the military generally.

Read Reiss' blog here!

Carter Forinash

Carter Forinash | CSIS 

Carter will be interning at CSIS in association with the Brzezinski Institute's Project on History and Strategy. He will mostly be working on creating a visualization of the structure of every National Security Council along with a complementary library of documents.

Read Carter's internship blog here!

Mac Gagne

Mac Gagne | National Weather Service/NOAA

Mac's internship will involve using mathematical models to predict forest fires in California from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration headquarters in Maryland/DC. She will also advise on evacuation policy and procedures as a decision scientist.

Read Mac's internship blog here!

Spencer Kaplan

Spencer Kaplan | CSIS Aerospace Security Project

Spencer's internship at CSIS will involve helping to write a substantial report on what war will look like in space, updating the CSIS Aerospace 101 database, and independent research and writing.

Read Spencer's internship blog here!

Anna Klingensmith

Anna Klingensmith | Independent Research Project

Anna will be conducting research exploring how women in Jordan can contribute to countering violent extremism. She will examine the specific ways in which women are currently contributing to CVE in Jordan, whether that's through government policy or otherwise, and where there's room for increased contribution to and engagement with CVE efforts. Anna also hopes to research how women could be reached by Jordanian policy makers to allow women more access to CVE efforts. Anna hopes to travel to Jordan when the travel ban is lifted.

Read Anna's research blog here!

Victoria Sorhegui

Victoria Sorhegui| Hudson Institute

Victoria will be interning for the Hudson Institute’s Center for Political-Military Analysis and will be investigating current and future security issues. She will be conducting research, writing memos, and analyzing public policy debates on related foreign policy matters.

Read Victoria's internship blog here!

Jimmy Toscano

Jimmy Toscano | Empower the People

Jimmy will be interning as a policy research coordinator with Empower the People: a nonprofit, nonpartisan, student-led organization that is focused on increasing youth awareness and engagement in our government and society. More specifically, he will be working on the MyVote project, which was created by Fuqua professor Dr. David McAdams, Social Justice Lab founder Gita Stulberg, and youth activist Sari Kaufman. The MyVote Project aims to create a platform where voters can discover the policies that matter most to them and find candidates who support those policies. In turn, candidates can reach voters by making clear and verifiable policy commitments. Jimmy will supervise a team of volunteer researchers as they build out the content of the MyVote website. He will also assist in the project's long term planning and fundraising efforts.

Read Jimmy's internship blog here!