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Cultivating the next generation of grand strategists.

The Duke University Program in American Grand Strategy is a signature program for Duke students interested in national security policymaking. AGS is defined by its curriculum, with the hallmark AGS advanced seminar, speaker series, co-curricular active learning experiences, research opportunities and extensive alumni network.


Take the hallmark AGS advanced seminar.


Hear from today's most prominent, strategic voices.


Learn outside the classroom on staff rides and field trips.


Engage with scholars on a deeper level.

Mac Gagne | 2019 AGS Summer Fellow

Mac’s Internship  Duke Lemur Lab | CSIS Week 4: August 9, 2019 As the summer months begin to pass by, I continue to be astounded at how quickly the new school year is approaching. A once seemingly endless summer has become a blurr of travel, projects, and internships that I would have previously thought impossible […]

Ryan Geitner | 2019 Summer Fellow

Ryan’s Internship  Institute of World Politics | Washington, DC Week 7.5: ‘Ensuring an Inclusive Afghan Peace Process’ July 12, 2019 After a productive and encouraging lunch with Amb. Hughes on Tuesday, as well as Arabic class and Duke in D.C.’s Summer Law Institute Constitution Class, this week was a full one. Luckily, the momentum continued […]

Lisa Disbrow | April 16, 2019

  More event photos can be found on the AGS Facebook page. Event summary by Rahul Krishnaswamy: Lisa Disbrow, former Under Secretary of the Air Force, visited Duke University’s Program on American Grand Strategy on April 16th, 2019, where she discussed her time in service as both an Air Force officer and a civilian on […]

Robert Satloff | April 10, 2019

  More event photos can be found on the AGS Facebook page. Event summary by Nick DeParle: On Wednesday, April 10, 2019, Robert Satloff, Director of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy spoke at Duke, the day after the Israeli elections to an audience of 40 people. The Middle East policy expert began by […]